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BOMDIA is the result of an enormous passion and dedication of a family to the Home Textiles that has lasted already for four generations, together with a team of excellence who makes sure that every each one of our products are treated in an exceptional way.
Combining these two elements with advanced technologic production, we have built the distinctive identity of BOMDIA.

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Information and Facts
Fábrica de Tecidos de Viúva de Carlos da Silva Areias & Cª.S.A. is a private company of family structure.
The company is located in the North of Portugal, in the city of Vizela, at around 40 km from Oporto.
With a covered area of 18000 m2, it is produced in the facilities terry towelling for bath, kitchen, baby, beach, hotel and advertising.
The company relies on its 170 workers and has a production capacity of 2.500 tons per year.