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Tips and Instructions
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- To use cold or lukewarm water in the first washing is wrong.
- Avoid to overfill your washing machine.
- Use as much water as possible.
- Wash dark colours separately.
- Do not leave damp towels next to each other for a long time; this could lead to discoloration.





- Too much detergent may leave residues in the cotton fibres, causing their stiffening and discoloration of colours.
- Use strong detergents only in white towels (they have optical bleach and brighteners).
- We advise the use of moderated detergents and without optical brighteners in colour towels.
- To improve the result of your washing, use a product for elimination of calcareous in the water.





- Too much softener may form a "film" in the cotton fibres and therefore make the product less absorbent.
- You may reduce the quantity of softener if you dry in dryer/tumbleur.




- To dry outdoor makes the product last longer.
- The towels that are dried in heating radiators become stiffened.





- It is normal if new towels loose some fibres initially.
- To avoid the formation of pilling, select a delicate program in your washing machine.




- Top quality towels stand out for the soft cotton used in their production; due to this, they cannot be 100% resistant to shrinkage.
- Stretch and shape the articles with your hand while is still damped and repeat this operation when dried.
- The temperature of your drier cannot be set too high, to avoid overheat the cotton.





- Do not pull loose threads. Just cut them off.
- Avoid washing the towels together with other clothes that have zips or hooks.