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Vision, Mission and Values
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Constant motivation of the Human Resources through the culture of merit.
Our success begins in each one of us.
Market awareness, promoting the satisfaction and fidelity of customers.
Permanent quality, constant Innovation
Absolute respect for the economic, social and environmental development principles.
A client is a friend, a supplier, a partner.
Vision Mission

Managing our business in a professional manner towards the excellence of our products and services, in constant harmony with the environment and the social media that surround us.

To be the Iberian Leader in the trading of Home Textiles.

To consolidate and develop our position in the other European markets, where we are already present.

To have a strong commitment in the innovation and distribution of our products.

Constant training of the Human Resources.

To make universal the luxury segment, through our brand BOMDIA.

To strengthen the position in other markets besides Europe, such us North and Latin America, as well as Asia.